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released January 1, 2013




DECATHECT Houston, Texas

Whitney: Vox/Trumpet
James: Guitar/Vox
Jesse: Drums/Vox
Pace: Bass/Vox

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Track Name: My Honesty
You want my honesty
You really my honesty
You're a coward your a fake
I'm tired of all your shallow sympathies
Put a bullet in my head
Put a bullet in my chest
I'll lye awake in this coffin of your mistakes
So line the streets with eggshells
Paint this city black
Your frostbit ridden fingertips
To break apart cigarettes
To fuel this corporate greed
While you bask in your self righteous needs
Track Name: Books of Blood
surrounded by corruption encased in greed and rage

we lay dead behind these books of lies with blood on every page

books that cause these pointless fucking wars and deaths of millions

a list of rules all bound in fear a machine to clone the sycophants.

please somebody tell me is there any other way must we be the ignorant the sheep to die in vein
you're all just much too weak to cope with your own mortality stop the deadly lies accept your fucked reality

these books of blood
of death and hate
just loaded guns
with history so dark and cold of suffering and pain

they'll promise you salvation just as long as you can pay

your saviors just a dollar sign a scam hidden in faith

they'll take the cash and build a church another fucking waste

another base of operations sharpening their blades

these organized religions they just brainwash and control
die for them in holy war they swear they'll save your soul
well fuck you im an atheist so banish me to flames
cause nothing happens when you die you just slowly rot away.
Track Name: Call of Duty
brainwashed to kill and told they're brave
and protecting american freedom
but what about the innocent caught in the crossfire?
ya won't hear about them on the 5 o'clock news
cover ups and inside jobs your leaders are all frauds
with no concern for you or me because money's all they want

eliminate insurgence this is not a fuckin' game
this isn't call of duty all these people have a name
you don't have to follow orders pull the trigger you're to blame
you're to blame X4

there's no compassion anymore were void of feeling numb to war
deaf to the screams and the gunshots
the sheep will follow patriotic propaganda to the grave
blind to the shephards agenda
american i am ashamed to say i am
philanthropist my ass they never gave a damn
desensitize the public just to ship us off to war
using promises of money to make pawns out of the poor
still we're buying what they sell to keep their hungry wallets fed
they'll croon a vexing lullaby america just go to bed
so count your blessings cuz you live in the land of the free
youre free
to do what they tell you.



you're to blame X4