Call of Duty


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brainwashed to kill and told they're brave
and protecting american freedom
but what about the innocent caught in the crossfire?
ya won't hear about them on the 5 o'clock news
cover ups and inside jobs your leaders are all frauds
with no concern for you or me because money's all they want

eliminate insurgence this is not a fuckin' game
this isn't call of duty all these people have a name
you don't have to follow orders pull the trigger you're to blame
you're to blame X4

there's no compassion anymore were void of feeling numb to war
deaf to the screams and the gunshots
the sheep will follow patriotic propaganda to the grave
blind to the shephards agenda
american i am ashamed to say i am
philanthropist my ass they never gave a damn
desensitize the public just to ship us off to war
using promises of money to make pawns out of the poor
still we're buying what they sell to keep their hungry wallets fed
they'll croon a vexing lullaby america just go to bed
so count your blessings cuz you live in the land of the free
youre free
to do what they tell you.



you're to blame X4


from DEMO, released January 1, 2013




DECATHECT Houston, Texas

Whitney: Vox/Trumpet
James: Guitar/Vox
Jesse: Drums/Vox
Pace: Bass/Vox

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